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Today, all of us need to change how we interact with nature and find a more innovative approach of using resources. At Tretorn, we don’t look at innovation only as what we make, but also how we make it and why we use our resources in the way we do. Our mission is to be an inspiration and a role model for how businesses can interact with nature and create a more circular process. We are inspired by nature’s own ecosystem and we strongly believe in a process where nothing should go to waste. Products should last long, be reused and eventually repaired and recycled. We have also found new ways to look upon high quality waste as an opportunity, a resource to be harvested and developed into a circular process, while slowly eliminating the very concept of waste. Our first goal was to label 50 % of our outerwear with the Eco Essentials initiative before the year of 2020. However this is an ongoing process and already for FW-18 we have managed to exceed the goals and transformed 85 % of our outerwear into Eco Essentials initiative.

The Rain Jacket From the Sea Project

Rain Jacket From the Sea

The Rain Jacket From The Sea is a Parka Style Collection, sprung from The Ghost Net Project, based on a passion for responsible manufacturing and a desire to explore if we could change how we interact with the environment and use discarded fishing nets as a new kind of resource to make high quality rainwear.

The jackets are woven in regenerated nylon from discarded fishing nets. It is a strong constructed fabric with rip-stop structure and laminated for waterproofness and breathability. And of course it is free from fluorocarbons, phthalates and PVC. Made with large functional pockets and welted side pockets. Water proof 10000mm breathability 5 000 mm/m2/24h.

Rain Jacket From the Sea

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Recycled PU Parka

Recycled Pu Parka

Our Recycled PU Parka is the first product made within our Eco Essential initiative. It became an instant icon and is made in polyester from recycled PET bottles and consumer plastics. Of course it is free from fluorocarbons, phthalates and PVC. 

The Re:Parka comes with Tretorn-branded metal buttons, eyelets and cord ends in antique brass. The larger hood and collar are designed for increased comfort and a stylish silhouette. Side pockets are elevated and hold an extra mobile pocket on the left side for connection to a mic-holder for cold and wet days. In front there is a storm flap for extra protection with hidden metal buttons and zipper. You find our Eco Essential manifest printed inside the jacket with all information about the what’s been used in the recycle process. It is a Unisex style. Waterproof 5000 mm.

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Our Eco Essential Projects Right Now

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    The Leftover Project

    The Tretorn Leftover Projects are sprung from our mutual love of the outdoors and the shared passion for responsible manufacturing and retailing. Based on circular design and innovation inspired by natural ecoystems, where nothing should go to waste. We bought leftover fabrics from manufacturers and reused it by creating extremely limited edition collections, all depending on whats is left behind in the factory.

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    The unique fabric, Tretorn OCEAN-SHELL®, is our next invention within he Eco Essentials initiative. The OCEAN-SHELL® is a two layer hard shell fabric made from recycled polyester and equipped with hydrophillic membrane made from recycled ocean waste polyester makes the fabric a full circle renewable source adapted to be recycled again.

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    Ghost Net Collection

    Every two years, the fishing fleet changes their fishing nets, and the old nets get dumped in the sea. These nets drift with the wind and currents for years as ghost nets and when they get caught on a reef they can destroy entire ecosystems. Fishing nets are made from some of the best nylon in the world. Tretorn Ghost Net collection is made out of recycled fishing nets collected to prevent Ghost Nets in our oceans.

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    Bio Plant Jacket

    Our next invention within the Eco Essentials initiative is a 100% biodegradable light rain jacket. It has the resemblance of natures own circular eco system. Created to be accepted back as soil for our planet earth. We create our new rainwear fabric from plants like Sugarcrane and Tapioca.