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André 3000 Benjamin

Creative Collaborator

The highly anticipated collection was inspired by André’s personal connection to the shoe as he was growing up in Atlanta. From André’s original sketches to the completed line, the classic Nylite has been infused with the style icon's playful spirit and design sensibility. Until now, André’s prowess as a sketch artist and painter has most famously been seen adorning the CDs inside the jewel cases from each album released by his Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum rap duo, Outkast. For the Tretorn collaboration, André has once again created original sketches that are being integrated into the capsule’s branding - from his ant logo on the box, to sketches on the tissue paper inside. The “I André Benjamin will not draw in class” capsule collection features 6 unique designs including updates to classic Tretorn styles, inspired by Tretorn’s prep heritage and Andre’s classroom daydream sketches.

Nylite X Andre 3000 Benjamin

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Shop the Full Collection Tretorn by André 3000 Benjamin

  • NYLITE HI XAB2 W Vibrant Purple

    140.00 €

  • NYLITE HI XAB3 White

    135.00 €

  • NYLITE XAB2 Baby Blue

    125.00 €

  • NYLITE XAB2 Black

    125.00 €

  • NYLITE XAB4 W White

    120.00 €

  • NYLITE HI XAB2 Vibrant Purple

    140.00 €

  • NYLITE HI XAB3 Black

    135.00 €

  • NYLITE XAB Yellow/Blac

    120.00 €

  • NYLITE XAB5 W Cream

    100.00 €

  • NYLITE HI XAB3 W Black

    135.00 €

  • NYLITE HI XAB3 W White

    135.00 €

  • NYLITE XAB Night/Chili Pep

    120.00 €

Get Inspired From André 3000 Benjamin

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