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Rain Jacket From the Sea Launch April

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New Arrivals: SS18

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Discover the Classic Wings Collection


A 60’s icon keeping you happy and dry

First launched in the ‘60s as a sailing style rubber boot, WINGS is a true icon. Since then, we have updated the WINGS concept and evolved it into a whole family of rain jackets and rubber boots for both kids and adults. It’s a concept that keep’s you dry and happy while merging style with function.


Eco Essentials

Eco Essentials

Responsible Rain wear for a more sustainable future

Eco Essentials is more then our initiative and platform for sustainable innovation. Eco Essentials is a state of mind. It’s about thinking differently and embracing self-expression. It makes it possible to choose your own way in life, wearing products that both act as a resemblance of heart as well as style. And help us pushing limits to what can be done within responsible rainwear for a more sustainable future. Eco Essentials Is in our nature.


Eco Essentials: PU Parka in Recycled Polyester

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